Monday, January 05, 2009

Protecting Windows from Bomb Blasts

Earlier today (Monday, January 5, 2009) a BBC reporter from the Gaza related the plight of residents there. 'The bombs,' he explained, 'blow out our windows if you keep them closed.' But it's winter there now, he went on, and so having the windows open lets the cold in.

This is quite a conundrum: Leave your windows open and it's difficult to keep warm. But keep your windows closed and a concussion from a bomb exploding even at a distance will blow out the glass. Yet worse of course is that anyone near to a window at such time could be seriously injured or even killed by flying glass.

A solution to this problem would be to leave the window open enough to avoid the force of the blast, but close up the space where the window is open by taping or otherwise fastening plastic sheeting to prevent the cold air from coming inside. If you don't have plastic sheeting, dry cleaning bags, large plastic garbage would work as well. Plastic bags from a grocery store taped together would also create a piece large enough to cover the window opening. It's fine if the plastic isn't stretched tight. In fact, it would be better if the plastic over the opening were loose and able to flex and so absorb the sudden change in air pressure. Yes, if the plastic tears as a result of a bomb's concussion, well, this is better than the window breaking. The plastic can easily be taped up again.


Though some might be predisposed to make such a claim, let me assert in advance that there's no political agenda to the counsel provided above. The help provided here is for everyone and anyone who has the misfortune to find themselves in an area being bombed. The area need not even be in the Middle East. It seems that bombs are raining down in a lot of places around the world. A lot of innocent people are being inconvenienced, injured, or killed. My only hope is that my advice might help reduce someone's suffering from cold or from injury. Others could help by passing this information along to those who need it.

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