Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Death and Redemption by Poetry

it's comforting to see
in a world drenched in wizardry
that humans still affront and offend.
for despite all the IT,
the Backspace and Delete key,
the mouth's still beginning and end.

when writing a poem
our thoughtwords can roam
to find where they finally align.
and there make a home
where we don't really know 'em,
but at least now they sort of rhyme.

we just need a new rule,
inculcated since grade school,
to injure aesthetically.
everything will be cool,
if, when blessing the cesspool,
you do it poetically.

no, words should endeavor
to bring grace whenever
they're penned, typewritten, or spoken.
but i've oft been too clever,
and said what should never,
and thought, they shoulda known I was jokin'.
(Been there.)

yes, i've often sinned.
i've peed in the wind.
my life's been a trail of turds.
maybe i'll be forgiven,
for it's all part of livin'
and using these damn dangerous words.

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